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MySql Fix Toolbox represents an easy way out if you encounter the damage of database files in MySQL format
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22 August 2013

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The MySQL database today is used by countless organizations and forms the data repository of most web applications. But when, owing to improper handling of the system, virus infection or sudden power failure MySQL can get corrupted. In such time, fixing of MySQL database becomes inevitable as data stored in the MySQL server is very important. Now instead of choosing any random or ordinary MySQL recovery program come and take with you MySQL Fix Toolbox 2.0.1. The application can help you to revive every single SQL files and use it like before. This toolbox comes in as a blessing for network administrators and aids in mending entire MySQL database in very little amount of time.

The guarantee that MySQL Fix Toolbox 2.0.1 puts forward as a recovery solution is truly great. Which means you can be 100% assured that the files in MySQL will get fixed in a click of a button. The tool comes in a worthy solution when there is no back up file for your MySQL database. Further courtesy its very easy to use UI, you will be able to repair, MySQL perfectly and in most easiest ways devoid of any specialist or technician. The tool is very safe to use, as its highly innovative recovery algorithm makes it really fine solution to get back each and every MySQL file back in fully working mode effortlessly. After the recovery you can be assured that none of the repaired files will be slightest of modifications.

Al we can finally say about MySQL Fix Toolbox 2.0.1 is that it is a magnificent recovery tool for mending MySQl files. It takes very less amount of time and offers almost negligible amount of hassle in its functioning for which it justifies the score of 3 that is put against it.

Publisher's description

Do not worry about the integrity of MySQL databases if you have already heard about the service of MySQL recovery, provided by MySql Fix Toolbox. This program may easily get your data back without the assistance of system administrators and data recovery specialists. Actually, there is no need to prepare regular backups of database files, you may simply open MySql Fix Toolbox and follow its guidelines. Owing to the nature of MySQL recovery, provided by this application and other data recovery services, there is no way to guarantee the successful recovery of affected databases, the success of analysis depends on many things. In the same time, this way of MySQL database recovery is much easier than some other methods of keeping the data safe, it can be a good addition to some other methods of database recovery. Please note that MySql Fix Toolbox does not modify corrupted databases during the process of MySQL recovery so you may try any other way of keeping the data safe without the losses of efficiency. Please click the shortcut of MySql Fix Toolbox as soon as you install this application on your PC and follow the instructions of database recovery program. After the first start of database recovery tool you should select a folder containing database files to be processed and click Next to continue. There are no additional guidelines, instructions and other directions, owing to the ease of database recovery tool you may now get some rest and wait until the parsing of selected database if successfully completed. After the end of database recovery you may take a closer look at the results, provided by this application and make sure you may apply this data by converting the contents of repaired database into a clean file of MySQL format. Please note that you may export the data to another database after the registration of MySql Fix Toolbox only.
MySQL Fix Toolbox
MySQL Fix Toolbox
Version 2.0.1
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